Within the last 12 hours or so, moderators at the Democratic Underground have tombstoned* several leading voices of the forum’s LGBT community, including Solon, Yardwork, PelosiFan, Marrah_G, Vanje, RuncibleSpoon and even me (TechBear_Seattle.) It started apparently when Solon, Yardwork and Vanje had their accounts shut down for getting pissed off at the anti-gay bigots that DU seems happy to tolerate; their tombstoning pissed off a few others (including myself) who got tombstoned in turn. Now, it seems that anyone who rejects the doublethink and asks where we suddenly went gets immediately tombstoned as well.

Democratic Underground used to be a good place. Now it is not. The mods have given in to the bigots and those of us who dare stand up for our rights as human beings and Americans are firmly disinvited from participating. Very sad, but given the way that board has been changing, not a surprise at all.

* When an account is shut down by the moderators, the profile is replaced by a picture of a tombstone, thus the expression.

Gregory Gadow

Gregory Gadow


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