Big bang babies

You just can’t fool America’s yokel class.

Just because President BlackMan Obama has yet to send his mochachino-skinned army to bust down their doors, confiscate their weapons and impregnate their daughters doesn’t mean that he’s not going to do so really really soon.

So, much to the great delight of ammunition manufacturers, paranoia runs deep in the heartland and the goobers are gobbling up ammo like the Viagra they actually need:

Gun shops across the country are reporting a run on ammunition, a phenomenon apparently driven by fear that the Obama administration will increase taxes on bullets or enact new gun-control measures.

"In the last two months it’s gotten very, very difficult to find ammunition," says Richard Taylor, manager of The Firing Line, a gun shop and shooting range in the Denver, Colorado, suburbs.

"There are a lot of rumors floating around that the present government would like to increase taxes on ammunition. I think [there is] just a lot of panicked buying going on."

While campaigning for the White House, Obama supported re-enacting the now-expired ban on assault weapons. But there is no indication that the administration will take up that measure — or any other gun-control initiative –anytime soon.

Nonetheless, some gun owners aren’t taking any chances.

Being the thoughtful people that they are, the gun industry attempts to calm the populace. Or not.:

Each year U.S. ammo manufacturers make about 8 billion rounds, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry. Current production data won’t be in until late May, but the foundation expects the numbers to be way up.

"In order to keep up with demand for ammunition, manufacturers are working at full capacity, 24-7," says Ted Novin, an NSSF spokesman. "Currently demand for ammunition is outpacing supply."

Novin says he believes the reason is clear.

"The increase in demand for firearms and ammunition is largely attributable to gun owner concerns regarding the current political climate," says Novin, referring to the Obama administration and the Democrat-controlled Congress.

"Many of the lawmakers in power have a long history of supporting legislation that violates the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans," Novin adds. "Gun owners recognize this and are reacting accordingly."

You almost wonder why the gun industry even bothers to contribute to Republican candidates. From a profitability standpoint, that’s like shooting themselves in the face.

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