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Mondoweiss at the Aipac Conference/Phillip Weiss

AIPAC’s racial politics reflect Obama era

A black man is in the White House, and on its first day the AIPAC policy conference has featured several black speakers. So far there’s been Kenneth Flowers, a preacher from Detroit, a student government president from Morgan State college, and right now, Jarrod Jordan and Darius Jones, recent college graduates. The executive director of AIPAC, Howard Kohr, also gave a stirring testimonial about a Nigerian youth who lost his sister in the 1998 Embassy bombing and has since moved here and supports Israel–the camera found him in the crowd.

As Obama referred to the Jewish martyrs to the civil rights movement in his speech last year–Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman–two speakers today have referred to those fallen idealists too.

Something else I’ve noticed: a few speakers have quoted Obama’s speech at the conference last year and mention his line that the U.S.-Israel relationship is "unbreakable." No one has quoted his statement that Israel must remain undivided. AIPAC is being careful about its signals about the peace process.

Wait, here’s Newt Gingrich. Gotta run. "A world that destroys Israel will certainly destroy the United States."

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