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Fairwell, Justice Souter; Welcome, Souter Commission

I’m just sayin’.

If there must be a truth commission, it cannot and must not be convened within or appointed by our hopelessly complicit Congress. Nor by the White House; the executive branch remains rife with compromised intelligence officials and functionaries, and the Justice Department has already compromised its impartiality by carrying forward dubious Bush-era theories of executive power into ongoing litigation.

No, I say, let’s have Obama ask David Souter to assemble an independent commission comprising retired jurists, prosecutors, and investigator/researchers. Zero former legislators; for heavens sake, let’s keep Lee Hamilton in mothballs where he belongs.

Let Souter follow the assaults on the Constitution wherever they lead — not just torture but warrantless eavesdropping and bogus unitary Executive overreaching.

We are told that Souter is retiring, in part, because he hates Washington. So let him telecommute from the White Mountains. And let the cleansing begin. (In tandem, of course, with the work of Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald.)

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