Octomom the Musical: We Are All Her Children!

octomom.thumbnail.jpgOctomom The Mu$ical is on its second round of casting, and producer Chris Voltaire tells us he’s narrowed down the potential Nadyas to ten. Voltaire–who has produced over a hundred different shows with his avant garde troupe Cabaret Voltaire— discussed his inspiration and the upcoming show with La Figa:

I got the idea I wanted to start a series of shows about the the focus between news and popular culture. Human drama us in the news. When I saw this story, I said, "This my material.  I’m going to make a musical!"

Octomom The Mu$ical doesn’t simply focus on the misadventures of Nadya Suleman and her unwieldy brood. Other news and pop culture events wil be incorporated inot the show and Voltaire who is writing and directing the musical will be updating and tweaking the show and improvising to reflect curent events.  And he’s not to worried that Suleman is trying to copyright the word "Octomom":

If there’s trouble I have another title, Schmoctomom the Schmusical

The audience will be involved–Voltaire encourages singalongs and

When Octomom is ontage, the whole audience is her children.

And to honor his inspiration, Voltaire says at every performance a ticket and seat will be held for Suleman. Hope she can get a babysitter.

Octomom The Mu$ical opens June 19 and runs for ten weeks at  bang. studio in Los Angeles. Tickets are available at

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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