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Only 21% of Americans Identify as ‘Republican’ – Stop and Smell The Hosers

By now you’ve all seen it. Only 21% of those polled identify as "Republican". Like me, you probably saw it in passing – on your way from one site to another – trying to keep up with all the OLC/Banksters/Flu/Specter news. A wry smile may have even crossed your lips.

But as you step over the fallen goopers I’d like to add a little perspective to that number:

24% Believe In Atlantis

28% Believe In Bigfoot

27% Believe In Demonic Possession

38% Confide In Their Cats

36% Believe In Ghosts

46% Pick Their Nose

31% Believe In Astrology

34% Believe In UFO’s

25% Can Name All 8 Tiny Reindeer

33% Believe Warts Come From Toads

Lots of work ahead for all of us, miles to go before we sleep firedogs. But this is a stunning number and I want to make sure everyone takes a moment to savor this.

feel free to add your own in the comments