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NPR: A Kinder and Gentler Rightwing Radio

This morning I heard another "news" piece on NPR about the CIA torturing people, but, again as previously, NPR refused to call it what is, torture, instead opting for the torture supporters dishonest rhetoric: enhanced interrogation techniques, harsh interrogation techniques, aggressive interrogation techniques and extreme interrogation techniques. It is clear that NPR, that is, National Public Radio, supports those who advanced the policy of torturing prisoners, as well as those who carried it out, by trying to disguise what was actually ordered and executed: torture. Perhaps, even worse, NPR reported: "Some call it torture." Some? A few on the outer edge? A minority? Most Americans and virtually everyone else in the world familiar with the facts knows that the CIA tortured prisoners. A relatively few monsters, like those at NPR, believe that was okay.

Let me be really clear about this. It is never okay. Torturing people is illegal and, worse, immoral. Decent human beings do not torture others, only monsters do.

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