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Late Night: BREAKING — Red State Blogger Outs Self as Biologically Programmed Frightening Sex Maniac


Portrait of a Sex Fiend

Egads! Warner Todd Huston, of Red State and other online wingnut petting zoos, makes a tearful confession: he is a Sex Maniac whose "animal passion" is only barely "tempered by society." And let me just say, thanks, Society! Or else Huston’d be whipping his dick out at church, on the bus, walking the dog, etc. Without Society, if you’re female, and, like, you were sitting next to him on the plane, he’d start humping your calf before takeoff. I know, to look at him, you’d hardly suspect he was that sort of fellow, but hey, he said it himself.

Men’s aggressiveness is aimed at propagation of the species and it is society that is meant to temper that animal passion. Women are meant to nurture and raise children by nature, so their propensity is to look for stable, caring men that will commit to them and them alone. This, in turn, will create a stable home environment for the raising of children (not to mention keep STD rates lower).

"Horndog" Huston says that we can thank Biology for this happy arrangement; presumably this explains why women enjoy shopping while men prefer sports, as well as other Immutable Truths about Boys and Girls. Can’t fight biology! (And please remember, to keep things straight, heh: homosexuality is a choice, and not to do with Biology, quite unlike the "chicks are for kids" gene. And the "male animal passion" gene. And presumably the "shopping" gene. This is SCIENCE, people.)

"Horndog" shares these amazing truths with us in the course of a rather sniffy attack on Jessica Valenti and her recent book, about which he makes some incredibly accurate statements, in the sense that they’re in fact comically inaccurate, such as the claim that the piece to which he takes such violent obsession exception is an "op-ed" when it’s instead the introduction to her book, something MSNBC cleverly disguises by clearly explaining that’s what it is. One also must admire his dark prediction that when Valenti actually appears on the Today show the Opposing Side won’t be presented — when someone who wasn’t a complete fucking moron would have clicked "play" on the fucking video right there on the page he’d fucking linked to to discover that yes, there was someone there from the "other side." Bizarrely, Horndog even mentions that the show aired on 4/23; his final paragraph thus constitutes some really, really lazy knee-jerk MSM bashing, and, yes, shows he’s too thick to understand how to click to watch an embedded video, which is a pretty fucking choice brand of stupid. (And the assumption that shows like Today are lockstep leftist/liberal/feminist is pretty telling, if drearily predictable, all by itself.)

This bizarre inability on the part of Horndog to understand how to read a Web Site does however serve Horndog well, in that it allows him to make a bunch of snide insinuations and bog-standard anti-feminist accusations. Namely, he gets to pretend that Valenti is advocating that teenage girls should fuck like bunnies and not give a shit about consequences. He’s pretty fucking creepy about it too:

Jessica Valenti, founder of the vaguely pornographic sounding, has decided that there is no such thing as virginity in America’s young girls and the Today Show is entirely pleased with itself to give her a national TV venue from which to say so.

Oh, bite me with that "vaguely pornographic" shit, you wannabe Ann Althouse with the Moe Howard haircut. But this is more to my point:

What ever the case, I am struck by the fact that even as she keeps saying it, Valenti doesn’t seem to waste any time actually proving her case. Valenti says several times in her op ed for Today that there is “no such thing as virginity” but never really explains what she could possibly mean by the obviously silly phrase.

Again: this "op-ed" is from the fucking introduction to her book, you horrible imbecile, not an "op-ed." She states her argument in the introduction, and makes it in the book itself. A radical concept, I know. But it’s easy to see how Horndog misunderstood this, given Valenti’s shifty practice of stating things like "the definition of ‘virginity’ is fairly abstract (as you’ll see in Chapter 1)." For fuck’s sake… This "she doesn’t explain" crap also comes up in Horndog’s claims that Valenti "shrugs off the over sexualization of our nation’s children and wrongly denies the danger it presents — one of which is the growing rates of STDs," which she doesn’t (watch the video). Or, even more revealingly, and disgustingly, Horndog says "she swings wildly to the wrong conclusion by saying that as a society we should afford girls the same sexual aggressiveness as we do boys."

Which, you know, she doesn’t. She is instead making the point that there is far more to the question of "morality" than that of fucking or not fucking, or should be, and that "virginity" is an ideologically loaded cultural category and not an analogue for the fucking Light and Dark Sides of the Fucking Force.

Of course if there is a chapter in Valenti’s book where she says teenage girls should just have lots of random sex without thinking about consequences, I’ll retract. But I sort of doubt it. Instead I rather suspect that Horndog is basically saying that Valenti is a pro-slut slut slutting it up, which, apart from being obnoxious, actually tends to provide further evidence for Valenti’s thesis.

Anyway I’m buying her book next payday, because she’s pissed off precisely the sort of people (look at the Red State comments, oy) I most enjoy seeing pissed off.

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