How you gonna keep them down on
the farm once they’ve been on PJTV?


Oh, Pajamas Media. Is there anything you can’t fuck up?

First, Roger Simon decided to (as they say in baseball when they fire the manager) "go in another direction" and so he cut out all the little people that he trampled upon during his meteoric crawl to top of the conservative dung heap.

Then, sensing the oncoming teabagging groundswell (often confused by most with a parking lot speed bump) he hooked up with Michael Patrick Leahy from Top Conservatives on Twitter in an effort to create "synergy" or "buzz" or maybe someone told Roger that this was the "tipping point of a new paradigm of outside the box thinking". Actually it is more likely someone told Roger that  Leahy was going to be bigger than buggy whips and that finally got Roger to lift his head out of the pool of drool on his PJTV CEO desk and scream "buy! buy! buy!". Thump. Splash.

Now it seems that Roger has become the Yoko to Leahy’s Lennon and the band is breaking up.

It is entirely possible that Pajamas Media will someday destroy the internet.

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