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Home: To Bon-Bon And Maggie

Kitty Bon-BonI’ve never had my  kats Bon-Bon and Maggie declared service animals, but I definitely would be able to. I’m disabled, and they definitely improve the quality of my life.

MaggieThe best part of coming back to my home in San Diego after my trip to Greeley are coming home to my two kats — to the love and comfort we share with each other.

As most of the readership at Pam’s House Blend already knows, I have disabilities — I’m a disabled Persian Gulf War veteran with a 100% VA Disability Rating (Service Connected) — It’s why I don’t work. Happy FamilyStudies have shown that pets help to improve the quality of life, and stress management abilities of college students, the ageing, and the chronically ill, so being one with chronic conditions I find Bon-Bon and Maggie really, really good therapy for me — hey, just good friends for me.

So, to you, my kats, I’m so happy to be home with you! You two make my life pretty wonderful.  

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