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Thanks Obama for your Cautious Persistence in Dealing with Past Wrongs

Many are disappointed in Obama not insisting that officials who ordered torture of suspects be sent to trial. Many progressives feel that if people like Cheney were actually punished then more would realize that some of the things done with his encouragement were wrong.

However, let’s say former President Bush during a trial was sobbing that he had no idea what was going on, as Cheney perhaps two or three others were being tried as well. And during the trial Cheney continued his proudly declarations that denying terror suspects their rights kept America safe for seven years as he continued to claim that Obama’s civil liberties approach is bound to lead to another attack. Many Americans like the TV drama “24” where the hero Jack Bauer tortures the bad guys. One study was amazed that some soldiers even several interrogators at Guantanamo Bay got the idea on how to behave to looking at that drama,
Another words it is actually possible that some jurors might vote not to convict.

Some of the false information gained under harsh interrogation techniques by being believed such as the false claim that Saddam was part of 9/11, clearly harmed the US’s position in the world, but this fact may not be part of what the jury would considers.

Let’s say instead that there is a South African type Truth Commission, where Cheney etc. can only be jailed for what he leaves out and can’t plead the 5th since immunity is already granted, and then all the dirt starts to gets revealed back including many Cold War secrets. Then Cheney is sued by the relatives of victims the way O. J. Simpson was. One of the accusations against Cheney is that he ordered the two 9/11 planes heading toward Washington DC not to be shot down. If Senator Layhee’s Judicial Committee conducting the truth commission discovers this to be true, and the relatives of the three Pentagon employees who died when the Pentagon was hit sue Cheney for monetary compensation, Cheney would have trouble declaring how proud he was.

Historically we lost some Constitutional rights during war then gained them back after peace was restored, but World War II, was quickly followed by McCarthyism and the Cold War, then 9/11.

I hope Obama is can accomplish enough. There is no guarantee that during the next presidential election, or in eight years someone with no respect for historic rights won’t be in charge, next time it won’t be a naive, slightly slow-witted president nominally in charge of it all.

Bin Laden vowed to drive the US out of sacred Saudi territory, but in 2003 Bush withdrew troops from Saudi Arabia, and any terror attack that had been planned for the following year had to be postponed to prevent an adrenaline inspired US from returning troops to Saudi territory. After that bin Laden was succeeding at slowly pushing the Muslim world toward militancy, as he was confident that ever more US money spent on smarter and smarter weapons would bankrupt the US like they believed they did the Soviet Union. A second terror attack under Bush would have introduced a wild card to the equation.

Today, Al Qeada doesn’t like the way Obama is separating them from their former friends, and encouraging moderate Muslims. Cheney and Rush Limbaugh proclaiming a new terror attack will be Obama’s fault may be seen by al Qaeda as an opportunity.

Cheney and Limbaugh are constantly stating hypothetical reasons for another attack, perhaps if we proclaim counter reasons there may be another attack, it might actually discourage al Qeada from thinking another attack on the US, at this point, would help them get the world they want.

Right wing radio and blogs are looking for a Willie Horton incident to derail Obama with,
such as al Qaeda claiming a released detainee is an al Qaeda leader like al Qaeda pretended that James al-Badawi who was sent to Yemen to be executed, but escaped was declared second in command in an al Qaeda Internet tape just following Obama’s announcement he was closing Guantanamo followed by silence since.

By the way I hate to be a little critical of Obama at this point, but somehow we got to stop spending ever more money on smarter and smarter weapons, as our economy is in danger of collapse, since one of al Qaeda’s goals is to bankrupt the US the way the Afghans believe they bankrupted the Soviet Union. In reality I wish I knew how to criticize a few things I see Obama doing wrong in such a way that it won’t aid those who are trying to stop what he is doing right.

Thank you, Obama, for all you accomplished so far.

See, “Why no second terror attack domestically? A question doves are taunted with”,
“Cheney is ‘evil,’ his fearmongering is ‘assisting’ al Qaeda”,

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I'm retired in Philadelphia. Non religious but there seems to be a life force that I see as more personal than is usually expressed.

I was raised a Quaker (common with Christian Jewish intermarriage back them) But my father was a total pacifist and during World War II, at the time that being so was difficult.

Upbringing included father trying not to get physical, yet still defend us kids from my harsh stepmother until she got her citizenship papers, after which they could get divorced. Been involved in peace issues since the anti-fallout shelter protests through Vietnam and Iraq.

I wrote "Greedy Little Squirrels and Lifeboat ethics,” 1977, when the Moonies were coming to America and got heavily harassed by them. I also think bin Laden is extremely dangerous like the leader of a barroom brawl, who has been manipulating this country into using the US to get Muslims angry enough to join his suicidal permanent war group. Before 9/11 young Muslims rebelled by wearing by covering their hair a little less than expected and at least winking at each other, now he changed rebellion into being militancy. The Northern Alliance would have been legitimately in charge long ago had he not baited the US into entering Afghanistan.

Obama is making a mistake in my mind with how to stop bin Laden’s dream of permanent war in a divided world but less of a mistake than most anyone else would. If due to currency collapses from out ever more expensive weapons the US stops fighting al Qaeda, then other counties will. If it ends up being Iran, the Sunni Shiite divide will be enormous. Al Qaeda is already convinced that the atheist China is a serious enemy, and the Russians have fought for brutally and inadvertently convinced far more Muslims than the US did that they considered Islam itself to be the enemy.

I never stopped supporting Jimmy Carter when everyone turned on him and I support Obama as well, but think he will have to use a lot more persuasion and less force if they aren’t going to succeed at bankrupting us. However Obama has tried less force and al Qaeda has started to respond in kind trying to limit the victim’s in the way of their primary attacks.
Back up reference to above link,

Richard Kane (Philadelphia)
(More information if you google RichardKanePA