Shootin’ at the walls of heartache, bang, bang, I am the warrior

I wanna be an American Warrior

Steve Shippert wants to go all Seven Days In May on the Obama Administration’s ass  because they’re going to obey the law and release pictures of more bad eggs doing doing bad eggy things to brown people who probably have it coming in the fog of war blah-biddy blah blah blah:

The assault is relentless. It is enraging. And today, the Obama administration’s assault on those who dare to defend America from terrorist thugs who rejoice in publicizing beheadings, mass murder, and pure evil are on notice: "You will be punished. We’re coming after you."

The target audience now includes the American Warrior. The Obama administration has abdicated the Warrior’s defense, refusing to appeal the 2nd Circuit’s decision that more photos should be released from investigations of the detention of enemy fighters from the battlefield. The Obama administration has sided with the ACLU and abandoned our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. This cannot stand.

Brace yourselves for the Obama administration’s full on assault on the American psyche, while we in the Warrior Class gear up, strap up, and engage in our defense and our nation’s defense by taking the fight right back to its source.

I’m not sure what exactly this whole American Warrior/Warrior Class thing is, but it sounds slightly more serious than American Gladiator and slightly less unintentionally gay than those guys in 300. But, whatever, ex-Marine Shippert certainly has a bug up his ass about those pansies in the White House and he’s not afraid to express it:

So mad I could spit. First apologizes to world for America, bows to Saudi king, cuddles Chavez, now attacks US Mil & Intel. Shall we dance?


Teeth clenched in anger, knuckles white, eyes blazing. Have had enough. Scorched Earth coming. We’ll not take this sitting down or whining.

Because Tonight We Dine Twitter In Hell!! [for full effect, please use deep gravelly profoundly butch voice when you shout that in your head. Thank you. – The mgmt.]

Under normal circumstances I’d point him out to Janet Napolitano but she seems like such a nice lady and I’d hate to get her in trouble so just pretend like I never brought it up. Afterall, America does so much better when she just keeps walking. Ignorance. Bliss. You know the drill…

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