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Swine Flu

The World Health Organization reports:

April 2009 — The United States Government has reported seven confirmed human cases of Swine Influenza A/H1N1 in the USA (five in California and two in Texas) and nine suspect cases. All seven confirmed cases had mild Influenza-Like Illness (ILI), with only one requiring brief hospitalization. No deaths have been reported.The Government of Mexico has reported three separate events. In the Federal District of Mexico, surveillance began picking up cases of ILI starting 18 March. The number of cases has risen steadily through April and as of 23 April there are now more than 854 cases of pneumonia from the capital. Of those, 59 have died. In San Luis Potosi, in central Mexico, 24 cases of ILI, with three deaths, have been reported. And from Mexicali, near the border with the United States, four cases of ILI, with no deaths, have been reported.

If this is at all bad we’re going to have another sort of outbreak: one of anti-immigrant hysteria. We’re going to have a very hard time maintaining quarantine and we’re going to have hard decisions on how much care to offer undocumented aliens.

Blogs to watch for medical updates:

Anyone know of blogs monitoring related political issues?

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