Where’s Waldo Watters?


Gawker brings the awesome.

We found it odd that Watters would refuse to talk to a reporter, given the lengths to which he goes to compel others speak to him. And as you can hear in this audio, unlike Watters’ typical m.o., we called him to ask him about it yesterday. He transferred us immediately to Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti, for whom we left a message.

Later yesterday, Briganti called us back. When we informed her that we were recording the conversation, she refused to talk. (Incidentally, that’s Fox News’ Roger Ailes pictured, because we couldn’t find a picture of Briganti.) Later, via e-mail, Briganti indicated that Watters refused our interview request. So we decided to track him down and ask him about his ambush interview tactics face-to-face.

If we find him, we’ll post the video as soon as we can. If we don’t, we’ll keep trying, and for that we’ll need your help. What do you know about Jesse Watters? Did you go to college with him? Do you ride the train with him? Do you work at the Starbucks where he buys his coffee? Let us know.

Hilarity to ensue…

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