I think the national anthem needs to be changed because these words haven’t been relevant for quite awhile now.

It’s one thing to ban ‘hate’ speech and another thing to have a media so corrupted that it’s lost it’s original purpose. (Not to mention the greed shown by those who own such media, example being the number of newspapers shutting down because their owners can’t make the 20 to 30 percent profit they were used to making).

And being ‘brave’ means having enough internal fortitude to handle dissent without resulting to making the law a caricature of ‘justice’. And not ignoring the moral sense essential to having a ‘civilized’ society.

But here is an example of our government at work internally; never mind that Hizbollah is a political party in Lebanon or that they were the only organization that fought against the war crimes Israel visited on Lebanon.

Hillary Clinton made the point the other day in testimony that ‘what you sow, you shall reap’. There is a lot of payback due the U.S. and it will come to pass.



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