Gary Randall: BUSTED

UPDATE:  I had a feeling we’d be hearing more from Dominic.  The title of his latest piece is pretty self-explanatory: Bigot, Carpetbagger, and Tax Evader.  It would seem ole Gar’ owes tens of thousands in back taxes.  Oops!

If you ask pastor Gary Randall, 69, to explain what harm gay marriage would cause society, he can’t give you a straight answer. “You caught me with three pencils, a yellow pad, and a laptop in front of me right now,” he says-a week after being asked the same question. “I will be writing something on that specific issue,” he promises.

Randall’s inability to immediately justify his antipathy toward gay marriage is rather odd, considering he’s president of Faith and Freedom, a collection of two nonprofits and a political action committee that has focused on opposing same-sex marriage in Washington since 1993.

Gary is toast.  Dominic Holden at The Stranger took my data and analysis, made some calls, and crafted a brilliant expose of Gary’s ham-handed scam.  Holden has  an article and 2 blog posts up (so far).  Go read them, they’re fantastic.  I’m going to sample a few of the phone conversations he reports below the fold.

Parasite Pastor

Bigot and Carpetbagger?

Gary Randall: Not a Washington Voter

Bigot, Carpetbagger, and Tax EvaderA few days ago Gary was having a field day fallaciously calling out pro-equality legislators in what he termed “the big lie”.  Well, Gary should know something about lying.  Remember that $53,877 Gary pocketed while running the failed anti-LGBT referendum in 2006?  In the article Parasite Pastor, he is quoted as stating simply

“I don’t get paid a salary.”

So Gary, did you lie on your IRS Form 990, or are you lying now?

Then there was the little unresolved question of whether Gary is a carpetbagger. Holden relays the following:

While Randall provided a Bellevue, Washington PO box as his address on IRS filings, it’s unclear how much time he actually spends in Washington. Faith and Freedom’s associates much of its business with an address in Lake Oswego, Oregon. And Randall also had a long career as a pastor, evangelical leader, and television host in Oregon. “We now have a home in Issaquah and Portland,” he told me. But when asked what percentage of the year he spends living in Washington, Randall said, “I don’t know and I’m not going to go there. You are over the line. We are done.” So the question is out there: Does the guy planning to run a referendum in Washington actually live in Washington?

I could swear that Gary sounded just like a deer in the headlights looks.

The final panel in Gary’s Triptych of Shame is decorated with functional quotations from an Assistant Secretary of State and an elections clerk.

Today, Assistant Secretary of State Steve Excel told me, “No records were found in Washington state of a Gary Randall born” in 1941. However, records show a Gary Randall born on February 15, 1941 living in Clackamas County, Oregon and married to a Marjorie Randall. That would jibe with Randall’s statement that he owns a home in Oregon, that Faith and Freedom Network lists one of its addresses in Lake Oswego (which is in Clackamas County), and that his bio says he’s married to Marjorie Randall.

Indeed, Clackamas County, Oregon election clerk Chanin Bays says, “He is registered in our county. Looks like since July 1, 1982.”

So it would appear that Gary is indeed a carpetbagging serial liar, come to Washington to pad his fortunes and stir up gratuitous hate.  If you’re going to do business with The Oregon Washington Hate Coalition, buyer beware.

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