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EqualityMaine’s Betsy Smith Testimony

Just got this uploaded; I hope to transcribe this in the morning. But far too important not to share- again, headphones are our friends!

Magnificently done.

Another clip below worthy of a look- but done by people who know what the heck they’re doing! 😉WCSH-6’s Pat Callahan had this noon interview of MCLU’s Shenna Bellows (who spoke yesterday right after Betsy Smith) and Mark Mutty of the Portland Roman Catholic Diocese and Maine Marriage Intitiative.

HAving trouble with embedding… sigh.

More below about MMI:

Did you catch that by Mutty? The majority of those supporters were students and under the age of 21? Not even close; this was an obvious lie and I’m not exactly sure what purpose it served. Anyone who watches the videos and news stories, reads online or newspapers knows better. That was so wonderful about how Shenna simply bypassed the comments and spoke directly to Pat.

All I can think is that Mutty (who I saw as the hearing broke up at 5:45pm for a 45 minute break) was talking about the large group of collge students from Colby College who came in late or the large group of UM at Orono students who had testified earlier. BTW, Mutty looked pretty darned glum when I passed him.

And about the Maine Marriage Initiative folks manning their information table, I gotta say tell this story:

The 2 sides had information tables inside the lobby. I went first to the EQME table, gathered info and popped stickers on my shirt, where I already had 2 equal marriage pins. I was wearing red and a rainbow bracelet.

I went over to the MMI table and politely asked a man, “In the spirit of fairness, may I have some of your information?” Without blinking an eye, he coldly and bluntly said simply, “NO.” I was completely shocked, but said (still politely), “Oh. Thank you…” and walked away.

And made sure to tell people the story, as I am here.

When Charlie surprised me later in the day, I told him what happened. He was still dressed for work with nothing to support or oppose, so went inside and up to the table where he was treated nicely and given a full packet of information.

It was the first time ever I was treated rudely in a public place and by a stranger, including when I spent an afternoon gathering postcards for EQME. And it was eye-opening…

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