audio feed of the public hearing via this link.

No doubt there ill also be numerous TV links- here is a list of those local channels I expect to be on hand who will no doubt have online videofeed:

WCSH-6– NBC, Portland

WMTW-8– ABC, Lewiston/Auburn

WGME-13– CBS, Portland

WABI-5– CBS, Bangor

GAwd help me, someone from EQME got me a computer…

You should see the sea of red for support. It is remarkable. Will upload photos later on.

About to kick off- will update as I can. Fingers crossed that all goes well today!


 The supportive clergy lined up on either walkway leading to the entrance to greet all who came in. Many of those supporting equal marriage met outside and chatted; others passed out clipbords to get more postcard signatures.

I ran into DawninMaine outside; we were thrilled to see each other- especially among the huge crowds outside! She has been up since 3:30am and drove a bus full of folks down here; was terrific about introducing me to a large number of folks from ‘her neck of the woods’.

And I met a man who I am very distantly related to! 🙂 So some genealogy discussion occurred…

Mike Hein came over earlier to speak with my new pal Matt Moonen of EQME awhile ago. He wanted “to give us his new business card, as we changed our name recently- we’d worn out the old label.”

Boy, I’d say! 😉

BTW, I have been in this building many times and have NEVER seen so many people. It is remarkable and a decidedly upbeat, excited mood.

Intros of committee right now. Laying out rules, etc. They do plan to talk through lunch but take a supper break. NO SIGNS, applause okay but keep short, as it takes from your side’s allotted 30 minutes.

People are lining up to testify.

Senator Dennis Damon, speaking first, got a HUGE standing O.

I am taking video of his speech and will post it and transcript later.

A VERY MOVING SPEECH. POWERFUL. And no questions from the committee.

Representative Les Fossel was not here to read his bill, LD 1118. Sen. Larry Bliss read it w/o questions as well.

Hannah Pingree next.

Will link ‘who is who’ and transcripts to follow later on…

(had to step out; missed a few minutes)

First opponent, Phil Curtis: “We will become legislated by Man and not Holy God”.

Rep Jeff— “What is the next domino to fall?”

Paul Davis: I believe the basis of our society is a family. Children must have the blending love of a mother and a father. Quoting NY’s Patrick Monihan.

David Burns: Frosh legislator. 24 year career in law enforcement. Destabilization of family causes societal failures. Children need the stability of a mother and a father. etc.





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