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Bush DOJ Reunion Tour

I’m posting this just to make sure I don’t forget about it.

John Ashcroft, the U.S. attorney general during President Bush’s first term — and noted singer of “Let the Eagle Soar” (YouTube clip here) — is spreading his wings. Today Ashcroft (pictured, right) announced that his law and consulting firm, The Ashcroft Group, is opening four new offices across the country, each to be led by Bush-appointed U.S. attorneys leaving office to make way for appointees by President Obama. They are:

*Michael Sullivan (pictured, left), U.S. attorney in Boston and former acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in Washington. Click here for a recent LB post on Sullivan.

*Catherine Hanaway (pictured, right), U.S. attorney, St. Louis

*Johnny Sutton, U.S. attorney in El Paso, Texas, who prosecuted two former border patrol agents for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler in 2005. (On his last day in office, President Bush commuted the agents’ prison sentences.)

*John Ratcliffe, U.S. attorney in Dallas.

Of course, I don’t know how they’ll make a living, given that DOJ is cutting back on sweetheart monitoring deals associated with Deferred Prosecution Agreements. 

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