Fact-Free Fred Hiatt, Editorial Page Editor at such newspapers as The Washington Post, appears to have invented a new attribution construction for DFH bloggers like Emptywheel:

"First reported online by such blogs as Emptywheel, the section takes its information from a confidential report issued by the CIA’s inspector general."

Not content to follow the lead of NYT reporter Scott Shane, who correctly attributed the scoop to Emptywheel, or the new-media savvy of Rachel Maddow, who provided a screenshot of Emptywheel’s actual story about the 183/93 waterboardings, or the Huffington Post, which broke out its 72-point type for an above-the-fold overnight sensation-link, Fred Hiatt invents "by such blogs as" to dilute the importance of Marcy’s scoop.

"Such blogs as" will lead any honest reader to believe a number of blogs broke the story, which simply is not so. The only place teamwork played a role was all of TradMed blindly missing the actual 183/93 number in the memo — for four days.

The correct attribution would read: "First reported by the blogger Emptywheel," but you knew that. So does Fred Hiatt.

Kinda makes you pine for the "Jane Hamshers of the left," doesn’t it?

Sure, Fred’s team imagines bloggers are parasites who can’t exist without old media’s trenchant reporting; we’re completely without ethical guidelines but somehow aren’t caught accepting speaking fees from organizations about which we then editorialize favorably; we don’t let our stenography be quoted as a smoke-and-mirrors off-the-record backstop as if new to Tim Russert on Meet The Press to gin up an illegal war based on aluminum tubes.

And we aren’t complicit in exposing crucial national security assets in wartime.

So, Fred: just keep marginalizing bloggers. I’m sure it drives new readers to your Editorial Page, and to the drivelings of the disgraced neocons and discredited neanderthals whom you embrace on your Op-Ed Page. And enjoy your newfound attribution whenever I write about you: the Editorial Page Editor at such newspapers as The Washington Post.

PS Nice link. Late, but nice.

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge