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The evangelical right has told so many lies about hate crime legislation. In spite of the fact that HR1913 only applies to violent crime and includes specific First Amendment protections written into the bill, the radical theocrats are doing their best to convince people that this bill is specifically designed to censor ministers and their views on homosexuality. If you look at the comments on American Family Association's OneNewsNow, it is almost comical how many people are willing to accept the BS at face value. Evangelicals have never been known for their intellectual curiosity so it comes as no surprise that many of them come to conclusions without ever having bothered to read the bill.

But along comes WorldNetDaily. They have a different reason that people should fear the hate crimes bill:

Julio Severo, a prominent Brazilian pro-family activist, has been forced into exile because of the "hate crimes" laws that are being implemented in his native land, perhaps providing a preview of what Christians can expect in the United States should similar "hate crimes" proposals be implemented.

And several organizations are reporting Congress could begin adopting measures similarly draconian to Brazil's as early as this week.

"It is imperative that we contact all members of the House and demand that they vote against this bill as it will not protect a pastor, Bible teacher, Sunday School teacher, youth leader or anyone else from prosecution if he or she teaches against homosexuality if an individual who hears their message then goes out and commits a crime against a homosexual," wrote Pastor Rick Scarborough of Vision America Action, which as a website link to make that contact.

Be afraid — Be very afraid!




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