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Prosecute George Bush for Murder- It’s Time – A Call to Action

Ladies and Gentlemen, by now if you notice we have made our entry on this blog. The sad reality is that most of the progressive media has ignored our movement out of fear or complacency. We have not received any responses back when we told them what we had accomplished thus far & needed their assistance. This disheartened us a little but we decided to carry on with our mission.

Who we are: The Mission

There are 2,700 District Attorneys in the United States. We intend to send a copy of The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder to every single one of them.

Our goal has been met and we raised 18,000 dollars in mere short amount of time. We shipped all of the books in ONE day to EVERY District Attorney in the country. Vincent Bugliosi has given us a manual to prosecute a former President for murder. And by god, (if there is one) we are going to do just that.

Im sorry but most journalists and bloggers have it wrong. There will be no federal action because we have rogues in office in the guise of DLC/Progressive officials. We have been deceived again. Eric Holder is not your friend. Obama Administration can’t even follow the rule of law. This is our last option, let us be clear on that.

Any questions or comments are welcome. If you disagree with this movement of prosecution, that’s fine. But let’s be certain of one thing: We have a list of the journalists/bloggers/media who ignored us. Keith Olbermann is one of them but there are some names that we reached out to would hurt your heart if I told you we were ignored. We deserve to let America & the world know about what we are doing. Because we didn’t just talk, we did something that no ONE did in this country. An unorthodox move that might get us that one D.A. to prosecute the former Presidentfor murder.

The funddrive for the 18,000 is completed. Now the hard work really begins. A trial for a former President for Murder. All we need is one D.A. To find out more about our movement go to ProsecuteGeorgeBush

ProsecuteGeorgeBush Movement

"It’s no longer impeachment it’s PROSECUTION for MURDER time"

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