The three Democratic candidates vying against each other in the primary race for the Virginia governorship recently gave their views on marraige equality when they squared off in a debate.  The candidates are state senator Creigh Deeds, state delegate Brian Moran, and former DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe.

They get into the marraige issue after some talk on education.  You can decide for yourself with the clip, but here's my take:

Deeds seemed to be splitting hairs with his answer.  He voted to put the anti-marraige amendment on the ballot in 06 but campaigned and voted against it, saying he felt the public had the right to decide but had now come to believe that marraige was an issue the state had no place in, which honestly doesn't make sense to me.  As mealymouth as that sounds I thought he came across as a sincere guy trying to explain his journey on the issue and it's nice to know that his position is actually much closer to the center these days, but the whole thing still bugs me.  Between the three of him, I think I'd be okay with him if he became Governor, but he's not my pick.

McAuliffe's answer was pathetic.  He started off with how he opposed Bush on the federal amendment and how Republicans were using it as a wedge then turned the issue over to jobs.  I hate this guy for a lot of reasons and the list gets longer every day.

 Finally, Moran by far gave the best answer.  I like how he made it clear equality was a big reason he was a Democrat, how he had been consistent in his opposition to discrimination of any sort against gays and lesbians, and was the only candidate who came out for repeal of the state ban to thunderous applause.  I love this guy!

The general election is going to be tough no matter which of these guys win.  Their opponent is the Republican Attorney General Bob McDonnell, who as I understand it is a right wing nut connected to Pat Robertson but is still nice and funny enough to make you forget it (the most dangerous sort).  We've got our work cut out for us, but all three of these guys would be better on our issues…hell, on any issue.. then McDonnell.  So pick your candidate, throw 'em some cash, and if you can go out in Virginia and volunteer for them.



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