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Deceit won’t work for Allen Andrade,

During the trial of Angie Zapata today, the prosecution played recordings of phone calls Allen Andrade made to his girl friends.  What became clear is that Allan Andrade was playing with a few women.  His was living with one, and seeing another.  During which time he also met Angie Zapata online.

During the recorded phone calls, Andrade was asked many times about him lying to her.  Lying about his employment, where the PT Cruiser came from and women he had been seeing.  From the testimony given today both during direct and cross-examination, I came away believing Allan Andrade has a severe problem with the truth, he is a complete liar.  

I don’t know if this was the prosecution’s plans on bringing this out with the phone calls but it did show that Andrade has a serious problem with the truth..  Also during those phone calls Andrade as well as the women he called have a serious homophobic problem.  

I hope the prosecution makes a note of how much lying Allan Andrade did during the phone calls in the closing arguments.  

I am looking for the recordings online and will post them when I find them.  I also look forward to seeing Autumns post on the events today.  

Oh, and Autumn, you were shown on TV a few times today sitting in the court room, I must say, You were looking good.

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