You Are the Boss of You

I just felt like posting a diary to let everyone know that you are the boss of yourself. No one has authority over your life except for what you allow or acknowledge. Okay, Death and Taxes. And, the taxes thing is optional. Just get a dopey hat and staple on some Lipton bags. Ha.
I went to my gym this morning to start the day with a lift. Double entendre intended.
I know some people might think, Oh, I don’t want to spend time with a bunch of skinny, pumped little Britneys. But, the place I go has mainly mature gals wearing just baggy stuff. No mirrors. Great, pumping music. I talked to two lovely gals, clearly fairly old who were having fun, working out and chatting away. One, Mary Ellen, is 85! and the other, Sue is 83. Yes! The calm, sweet souls who got out this morning to do their faithful routines really showed me that at any age we can take control of our lives.
You can too. Whether it’s working out, or gardening, or working with community groups for social justice, there are always ways we can be responsible for healthy attitudes, taking care of ourselves, and being a part of a support group for others.
Happy Spring Saturday all you Firepups.
Lifting you all up, Love, Demi.

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