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Will Making Fun of Wingnuts Ever Get Old? No.

Gateway Pundit:

Gutter Journalism: Angry Mainstream Media Reporters Use Nasty Sexual Slang to Describe Tea Party Protesters (Video)

A new low for the mainstream media…
Liberal reporters used gutter sexual slang to describe the Tea Party protesters.

Since they are now using nasty sexual references to describe those who dare challenge their Leftist ideology…
Can we all now agree that the liberal media hates anything conservative? 

 This is the video he links to:

Homosexual Anderson Cooper speaks of experience: "It’s hard to talk when you’re tea bagging"

We’re not making fun of you because of your sexual inadequacies, we’re making fun of you because nobody running your new online revolution (Eric Odom, Brendan Steinhauser, Phil Kerpen) appears to be able to use Google.

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