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We Replaced One Criminal with Another Criminal

When Obama said he just wants to move foreword he is not just overlooking the crimes of the past. He just took the oath to protect and defend the Constitution and all the laws of the United States of America. So he is outright defending The Bush administrations crimes by refusing to do anything about them. If he would do this toward theirs he will also overlook any of his.
This is like saying the murder happened yesterday so we should forget it and try not to murder in the future.
He becomes just as guilty as they are by protecting them from their crimes. He has continued several of their crimes as it is. Such as the bailouts of the banks. Continuing the secrecy they started. He also has continued the wasteful spending they started.
I supported Him but He has already done everything wrong. Listened to all the wrong people. Let the Congress run the show and sold us down the drain.
He hasn’t solved one problem but made most alot worse. All his pipe dream ideas will never be any good if he doesn’t solve many problems first. Even his healthcare plan won’t be any good if people don’t have jobs and are working to afford it. High speed trains will burn oil or electricity and he hasn’t done anything on either. He for taxing us to death to limit carbon but wants to keep burning it into the atmosphere for years to come. All this and the future spending he wants has to be paid for. Yet! He has not proposed even one new way to fund these things. Their are ways other than taxes.
His biggest crime is he could have put the country back to work and really started the countries recovery but instead he is fiddling while our Rome burns.

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