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They Just Don’t Get It: Torture and the GOP’s Missing Moral Compass

I’m not qualified to make the legal or procedural arguments for criminal prosecutions regarding the just-released OLC torture memos (fortunately, FDL has other folks who are), but I would like to say something about the moral and political dimensions — which are, in a way, the same thing.

Attackerman noted just a bit earlier this afternoon:

… when a conservative friend of mine read that the Justice Department had blessed putting people in a confinement box of insects, he IM’d me to say "Holy Fuck."

That cuts right to the heart of the issue. Does reading about the acts described in these memos — and knowing that they were approved and encouraged by highest levels of our government — shock your conscience or not? If it doesn’t shock your conscience, you haven’t got one.

Unfortunately, there are people on the other side of the political spectrum who aren’t shocked… which makes it all the more important for those on our side to point this out, as loudly as possible. After an astroturfed display of fake outrage, we have an opportunity to display the genuine article.

This may not only be the best way to bring about torture prosecutions, but also will help solve the underlying problem of letting moral lepers be elected in the first place. After the fine work the GOP has done in branding itself as the Party of Limbaugh and the Party of Extremism, it’s our patriotic duty to help brand them as the Party of Torture.

This is an anvil we need to throw them.

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