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Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) to Rick Perry: Texas Can’t Secede from the United States, Idjut

2076167926_42a0935d28_m.jpgNothing pleases me more than to see two of the most powerful Republicans in the country’s second largest state having a debate about the legality of treason.

Cornyn, the state’s former attorney general and a past member of the Texas Supreme Court, said in response to a question during a stop at the Texas Capitol that secession isn’t legally possible. “I understand the sort of frustration people feel about what’s happening in Washington. I share that frustration,” the second-term senator said. But as to secession being legally possible, he said, “the answer is no. Texas cannot, as a constitutional law matter, secede."

Chances are, Boxturtle saw the new Rasmussen poll, which showed that "only" 18% of Texans are traitors to the flag. Pandering to your nutty base is one thing. Pandering to the nutty fringe of your nutty base is just mighty powerful stupid.

I called Kay Bailey Hutchison’s office this morning to see if she had any comment on Gov. Jeff Davis Perry’s remarks, but didn’t get a response. Now that Boxturtle’s come out squarely against treason, look for KBH to issue a statement soon.

Will update when she does.

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