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Q of the day: Angie Zapata Hate Crime Murder Trial Jury Look Diverse Enough?

When selection for the Angie Zapata Hate  Crime Murder Trial jury and alternatives was finally whittled down, there were 14 jurors selected. As Colorado chooses their juries, the designation of which of these 14 are the 12 jurors and the 2 alternates — and this won’t be even identified to the jurors until just before the first time the jury meets to deliberate.

In the non-scientific, and not backed up with any verification of the jury make-up from the court, this is what my eyeballs saw in relationship to the jury make-up:

• The 14 jurors have 10 males and 4 females

• The jury appears to be visibly all Caucasian. This doesn’t mean there are no folk who identify as Hispanic, Latina, or Latino on the jury, but by visuals alone I can’t pick out any — the jury looks all white at first brush.

• The jury appears to slew middle aged and older. I saw only 2 men on the jury I would guess are under age 30, but everyone else looked middle aged and older to me.

Now, Weld County slews white in its demographics — I don’t know the exact numbers, but a few locals have described the breakdown as about 70% Caucasian, and about 30% Hispanic — there apparently are very, very few African-Americans living in Weld County.

So, given the very non-scientific, eyeball only, diversity review of the make-up of this jury I’ve presented to y’all, and in light of how the victim was 18, Latina, and transgender, would you be concerned about the diversity of the jury?

I personally don’t know if I am or not, but it seems notable to me that the jury appears all Caucasianm, mostly male, and mostly middle-aged-and-older.

Well, I guess it would be more correct to say I’m somewhat mildly concerned, but I don’t know if I should be concerned at all, or very concerned.

Your thoughts?

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen