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Pro-Choice Palin? Not so much.

According to AOL Political Columnist (who knew there was such a thing?) Melinda Henneberger:

In her first out-of-state political appearance since last fall's presidential election, former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin confided to 3,000 at a right-to-life event here that she had “just for a fleeting moment” contemplated seeking an abortion after learning she was pregnant with her son Trig, who will turn 1 on Saturday.

And?  So what?  Big deal.

Leaving alone for a moment my doubts that the kid is even hers, all she’s trying to do here is cement herself as an even bigger pro-lifer.  After all, you can’t choose life if it wasn’t a choice.  I’m sure if she’s asked about this on the campaign trail in 2012 she’ll come up with some batsh*ttery about how an abortion would have been the worst choice she ever could have made and how she wishes that the choice had never been available, legally.  Cue the applause from the wing-nutters.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see more Political PicturesBut here’s the thing about so-called “pro-life” people.  They say they care about the unborn, but their actions point in a different direction.  All they want to do is criminalize doctors who give women access to abortions that women are likely to survive.  And, if possible, they’d like to criminalize the women who seek abortions.

But making something against the law doesn’t make it go away … and if abortion is criminalized, pregnancies will still be terminated.  But I have a sneaking feeling that most self-described “pro-lifers” will declare victory and move on, never mind the fact that American abortions will move to the back allies for the poor, and to swanky Swiss clinics for the rich who can afford the air fare.

If Palin and her ilk truly wanted to end the practice of abortion, they’d support comprehensive sex education that would prevent most unwanted pregnancies from occurring in the first place.  Ever think of that, Grandma Sarah?

Yeah.  Didn’t think so.

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