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McCain Strategist Calls on GOP to Support Marriage Equality

UPDATE: See the Freeper reaction below the fold…

In a very bold move for a Republican strategist, Steve Schmidt, is taking the political capital he earned as senior campaign advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign and publically calling on the GOP to support same-sex marriage.

According to excerpts of the speech released to CNN, Schmidt plans to address the Log Cabin Republican’s National Convention today by telling the audience “There is a sound conservative argument to be made for same-sex marriage.” He will continue, saying “I believe conservatives, more than liberals, insist that rights come with responsibilities. No other exercise of one’s liberty comes with greater responsibilities than marriage.”

Schmidt, who has made no secret of his close relationship to his lesbian sister and her partner, will frame the fight for marriage equality as a civil rights issue, analogous to women’s suffrage. He also plans to admonish conservatives who argue same-sex couples pose a threat to heterosexual marriages. “It cannot be argued that marriage between people of the same sex is un-American or threatens the rights of others,” Schmidt will say. “On the contrary, it seems to me that denying two consenting adults of the same sex the right to form a lawful union that is protected and respected by the state denies them two of the most basic natural rights affirmed in the preamble of our Declaration of Independence – liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

In making the argument, Schmidt is putting himself at odds with the positions of both John McCain and Sarah Palin, whose 2008 campaign he ran. However, with the GOP in shambles after the loss of the White House and Congress, Schmidt appears to be calling upon not only on his personal beliefs but his tactical experience as a political operative. “Some Republicans believe the period of self-examination within the party necessitated by the loss of our majority status is mostly a question of whether the party should become more moderate or conservative,” Schmidt will say. “I think that’s a false choice. We need to grow our coalition, but as I said, that’s hard to do if we lose some votes while gaining others.”

Regardless of his motivation, be it personal or political, it is refreshing to see an influential Republican making such a clear and unambiguous statement of support for LGBT civil rights.

Actual Freeper Quotes

Hey, McCain, you piece of yech! Why don’t you be honest and simply become a democrat.

Mr. Schmidt. . .byte me.

Like it or not, it’s sage advice.

I’m not religious and I’m against queer unions. I use nature and common sense as my rationale.

Advice from a loser is aways appreciated, then you know what not to do. LOL

Yeah, the McCain people ran such a flawless campaign. Let’s all listen to them…

GDMFSOAB Is that a little to religious for you John?

Someone needs to confiscate this bastard’s Republican ID card, and burn it.

No it’s not, anyone who cares about that issue on the pro side enough for it to effect their vote is a liberal who will never vote Republican.

I think we need to be the party of Conservatarianism/Federalism.

I’m sure that’s true. After all, measures banning gay marriage regularly pass by a mere 70-30 margin. We certainly wouldn’t want to be on the “70” side of such a divisive issue.

50 years ago, neither party would have objected to being identified with religious values. In fact, they would have feared being seen as too tolerant of immoral behavior. But that’s “Progress” for you.

Yep. And not popular here. Goldwater would be/is rolling over in his grave. What the Republican party is today is not what he created in 1964.

What’s sage advice? That the GOP should even further alienate its base and join the democrats in supporting butt-sex marriage? That issue that Americans (God love ’em) keep voting down time and time again?

Sage? Here’s some sage advice for the GOP–take the pro-family, anti-gaystapo message to the Black and Hispanic communities where it will resonate like nobody’s business. Then I’ll believe that you’re a party that’s serious about winning elections.

I am sick and tired of these Washington elites speaking for average, every day Americans.

Memo to Steve S***i*t – YOUR political viewpoint and your liberal RINO candidate is the exact PROBLEM with the Republican party today and why they continue to lose elections. America IS a religious country and we are not a country that is going to embrace gay marriage. EVER. It may be forced upon us by a minority and a few liberal judges, but it is not something people are going to ever support.

For God’s sake, can these RINO losers please just switch their party affiliation already and let us start cleaning out the garbage?

Not with slimeballs like he and Magan “das pig” Mccain.

McCain and all his groupies can bugger off!!!!!!Go Sarah Go!!!!

Yep if you want to remain a loser party keep it up.

For the gay union advice I have for him, he doesn’t even need a partner, he can do it to himself.

Steve Schmidt is following Michael Steele’s lead. Push back on the conservative agenda, in favor of more moderate and liberal policies. Like Steele, Schmidt says embrace the abortion rights agenda and special rights for homos. And while you’re at it, you religious fanatics, throw the Bible in the trash.

My advice to Steve Schmidt — join the Democratic Party.

I’m with you on this. Amazing that nature and common sense count for so little in politics these days.

It’s no good advice in any way shape or form.

Let all homo’s go to the Democrat Party.

Goldwater didn’t create the Republican Party in 1964. It was created 110 years earlier in 1854, by socially-conservative Christians who were morally opposed to slavery and felt the Whigs and Dems weren’t doing anything about it.

Hard to believe or understand why there are so many “sick” people in America today. Sad and very destructive.

Since the last election and into the future, the GOP does not get another penny from me until they get their heads right. And they don’t seem interested.

They won’t do that because the higher-ups in the GOP are every bit as “gay-friendly” as they are in the Democrat party. We need a true house-cleaning. If the GOP doesn’t wise up soon, that’s just what might happen in 2010.

I didn’t know Goldwater ran on a platform of “gay rights” and same-sex “marriage” in 1964. He endorsed those things only late in life after he found out that supporting such nonsense could get him some good press (for the first time in his career).

The McCain clique is using the same issue to get back in good standing with the media. McCain basked in the media glow as a “maverick” Republican for years until he ended up as Obama’s campaign opponent. Then, the media turned on him like the vipers they are. Now that the election is over, McCain and his lame daughter and cronies want the media’s support again. Supporting the homo agenda and attacking religious conservatives is a sure ticket to get the leftist media drooling for you.

It is a well known tactic for the commies to change the meaning of words to get their way, think of the impact it has on contracts, and specifically the Constitution, specifically the meaning of the word regulated as in the 2nd Amendment

This is but another reason, not religious, to deny homosexual marriage. There is no such meaning of the word.

You’re right about it resonating in the black and Hispanic communities. One needs look no further than California’s Prop 8 last fall. Without the Blacks and some Hispanics, it would’ve failed by some 12%. But, you’re wrong about it translating into some larger political success for the GOP. Those blacks and hispanics gladly and with unity voted for Obama at the exact same time they voted for Prop 8. Gay marriage does well for the GOP as a stand-alone issue when it’s on the ballot as a stand-alone issue. It means virtually nothing to the GOP on a broader, political scale. The demographic trends are clear. People under the age of 35 overwhelmingly support gay marriage. The writing is on the wall.

These people use their love of trees and polar bears as a rationale for environmental regulation, but I can’t use my love of God as to guide any of my views. Makes a whole lot of sense to me. And we wonder why McLaim lost. I wonder if this guy has been hooking up with Meghan McCain.

Oh pray tell how? Seems to me we tried the McCain way and what did it get us. A socialist instead of a RINO.

China, Russia (formerly SU) and a host of other Communist (ie. Athiest) countries also ban (nor have ever considered allowing) gay marriages. It’s not a religious issue. Why? The so-called “gay lifestyle” is simply about sex, on-demand, without consequences. There is nothing else to it. Recognizing it, by pretending “marriage” is possible, is simply detrimental to society as a whole.

GOP risks becoming the “religious party”

Christian of Islam, you pick.

That is what the extreme left desires. A better course of action would be to emphasize conservatism and leave religion out of politics as much as possible.

McAmnesty must be GODless because he hires people and surrounds himself with people that are themselves GODless… and he has a daughter that appears to be GODless and in favor of infanticide… so what should one believe about mccain himself?

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