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Excommunicate (Dis)Honorable Judge Jay Bybee, 9th Circuit of Appeals

We all know Jay Bybee was BFF with Alberto Gonzales, and was awarded a seat on San Fransisco-based (and liberal) 9th Circuit of Appeals for all of his hard work protecting Bush & Cheney. Bybee’s lapdog opinions described "how to interogate" but redefined the "quaint" notion of torture. What Bybee did is unethical, immoral, and criminal. And he has life tenure unless impeached. I say impeach him.

An interesting play on this is that Jay Bybee is a Mormon. Mormons have a tradition that they are proud of: public service. Hatch, Romney, Levitt, etc. And here is a big time federal judge in San Fransisco who is in favor of torture. Back in 2004, the Salt Lake Tribune ran an editorial on ethics versus faith, citing Bybee’s involvement in writing tourture memos.

Now that the actual torture memos are public, and we know exactly what he supported and the pain and suffering they caused, Bybee needs to be brought down. From a constitutional level, he needs to be impeached. From an ecclesiastical level, he needs to be excommunicated.

Will the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints do it? The Mormon church has purged thousands because they are homosexual. The church has taken a moral stand based upon "the sanctity of marriage." Are they going to stand up for the "sanctity of human life and dignity" or are they going to give fellowship to someone who is by nearly all definitions a war criminal? Maybe he learned something about avoiding justice when he was a Mormon missionary in Chile when Pinoche was in charge.

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