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Franken-Coleman Update, 04/17/09: Drag Watch, Day Three

Norman, is that you?

As noted earlier this week, the length of time it takes Norm Coleman’s legal team to get around to filing their promised appeal will be indicative of whether they’re making a good-faith case or if they’re just in it to drag out the time before Al Franken can be seated in the US Senate.   He has ten days to do so, and he’s used up over a third of those days already.

Over at MinnPost, David Brauer notes that, as usual, public opinion is far less supportive of the Republican stance (which in this case is "stay the course, Norm!") than are the editorial boards of Minnesota’s daily papers.  One of these papers happens to be the StarTribune, whose folks Norm tangled with the other day when he stopped by their offices as part of his Schmooze The Editorial Boards drive.    (Seems they ticked him off with their Kazeminy and FBI questioning.

Meanwhile, in an echo of Norm’s efforts to get himself declared the winner before a recount could be done, we see that over in New York State’s Twentieth Congressional District, fellow Republican Jim Tedisco is trying to declare victory — and begging the judges to declare him the winner before the recount proves otherwise.  (Note:  The Register-Star has apparently pulled that story — one to which various sites have linked — so here’s this link instead.)

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