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We Are Tearing Families Apart, When We Should Be Uniting Them

Once again the Huffington Post is contributing to the media push for the passage of the Uniting American Families Act.  The following Steve Ralls article explains why the UAFA must be passed.  This is like the fifth or sixth Huffington Post article in the past month supporting the UAFA.

We Are Tearing Families Apart, When We Should Be Uniting Them

 Shirley Tan and Jay Mercado are, by all accounts, a picture-perfect family. The two have been together – happily – for more than two decades. They have adorable 12-year-old twins. They married in 2004. And they are hard-working, productive members of their community in Pacifica, California, where they have built a loving home that also includes Jay's mother, Renee.

So why is the United States government spending so much time – and so much taxpayer money – tearing this family apart?

Simply put, because Shirley and Jay are a lesbian couple.

As a result, on April 22nd, Shirley is scheduled to be deported – and torn away from her partner, children and mother-in-law – unless Congress takes action to keep their family together. And if you think that's outrageous, consider this: Shirley and Jay's story isn't exactly unique. According to Immigration Equality, an organization that does heroic work on behalf of same-sex, bi-national couples, an estimated 36,000 such couples face similar situations simply because, to date, the United States has refused to level the playing field for lesbian and gay Americans who have long-term partners from abroad.


 Thanks Huffington Post.  Keep the UAFA acticles coming.


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