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Texas Secession (and a Q of the day)

I am all for Texas seceding from the Union.  They should take Alaska with them since that is part of the Republican agenda there as well.  They can send back all of the federal jobs, money, and intellectual capital tomorrow and see how well they get along without Customs and Border Patrol agents, DEA, FBI, and everyone else who protects their constitutional rights.  Every sensible person in Texas should leave immediately. 

When the Commonwealth of Virginia decided that my rights should not be equal to everyone else (straight people), by passing a Constitutional Amendment, I moved to a state that at least has domestic partner laws (D.C.) so that I wouldn't be paying for my own persecution.  Many of my friends followed suit and now the wonderful State of Virginia is practically bankrupt (because their housing prices have fallen so low, they cant collect taxes on upside down homeowners). I guess my point is this:  Do not pay for your own discrimination by living in a state where your rights are not equal to your straight neighbors. Vote with your pocketbook.

NOTE FROM PAM: I live in a state that doesn't recognize my marriage. From this diarist's POV, Kate and I should pick up and move from NC to MA, NY, CT, VT, IA or a state with CUs or DPs.

If a marriage amendment were to pass in my state, Kate and I would seriously consider moving, since we are married and it would be recognized in any of the above-mentioned states in some form or fashion.

So this leads to a Q of the Day: Is this a reasonable thing to do — to abandon the fight for equality where one lives in order to punish that state for not being ahead of the curve on equality? A case can be made for both sides of this of course — not everyone can pick up and move, nor should they have to. But not everyone is willing to sacrifice for “the cause” either.

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