NY Marriage Equality Will be fought in the State Senate.

I have created an alias on the tips-q server that will send  an email to all 63 Senators simply by sending one email to one email address. The process is completely obfuscated so that the “From” and “Reply-to” that the recipient sees are those of the original sender.

Just to be clear, the sender need only enter [address-to-be-provided]@tips-q.com on the BCC line of their mail client, enter a subject and compose the body. Our server will do the rest.

 I am willing to share this with a few grownups who agree not to abuse and not to share the aliased email address with anyone else.

 The problem is that, according to Sen Tom Duane, each Senator is provided with very little disk space  so the mailboxes are easy to overload. I tested this today and got three “mailbox full” NDRs.Therefore, it's important not to inundate their system.

If you are interested, contact me at: