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Smells Like Tea Spirit: Up Close and Personal with SoCal Teabaggers

Arrived early. About fifty people on the steps of Glendale City Hall. Sequined American flag baseball hats–I didn’t know Cindy McCain had a fashion line. A gin-blossomed Vietnam vet tells me with a wink that he’s now an Independent–he

switched after Bush let in all those Mexicans and Condi said we should sign the UN Law of Sea Doctrine. Where’s our sovereignty?

prolife.thumbnail.jpgMutterings about the Department of Homeland Security in the crowd. One woman holds a sign that says "Proud to be a Tea Bag Terrorist," but her large emerald ring covers the last word.

More people arrive, mainly over the age of 50, but some families with kids and moms with babies. A little girl holds a sign that reads

Obama take your hands off my piggy bank!

A boy I presumed to be her brother wears a sandwich board over his scouting uniform (shades of that Jeff Bridges movie Arlington Road). The back says

Stimulate change. Use tar & feathers.

On the front

1984 is not a set of instructions

Has he read the book?

No. My dad made the sign

A woman takes the microphone and announces

Our adversaries are here. Please do not sign petitions. Stay out of the street for the safety of the cars. And please pick up your trash.

At least one alleged adversary is there: A sweet dad pushing his kid in a wheel chair, passing out fliers for I take one, and a few minutes later another guy tells me with horror in his voice, like a 17th century preacher denouncing Satan:

That’s ACORN

Uh, no it’s not. I just went to the site and it’s a one page site urging readers to vote incumbents out of office.

Woman sings the "Star Spangled Banner." She’s really good. Five kids lead the Pledge of Allegiance (which the announce calls "Pledge to the Flag") High points of speeches:

This is a lifestyle.

They don’t like you. Taxes are a way to control you. They don’t like you.

I especially liked when the crowd chanted "Spend less lower taxes" which I think needs a comma to make sense. Nothing about the high cost of the wars we are fighting or the high cost of the War on Drugs, but lots about taxes being too high and spending being to high and so forth. Oh and we should recall all politicians who voted for more taxes. There was a food drive, too. Some people seem unclear on the concept.

No Representation W/Out Taxation



And I got to ask one woman about the unfairness of married California same sex couples having to pay higher federal taxes than married opposite sex couples. She wasn’t happy.

All the rhetoric was over by 12:25 and the folks were exhorted to stand on the corners and wave their signs, then head out to Burbank for the rally in front of Republican headquarters where John and Ken from KFI640am would be holding a rally (they are anti-Republican right now because of the legislature votes on raising taxes in California).

One woman kept shouting

Reagan Library in Simi Valley from 4 to 7

She was ignored.

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