Why Find A Nice Way To Tell You You Suck

As it happens, my stomach is churning and forced me to leave the event I was at early, but even if I were feeling well, I’d be disgusted by the scenes from the outskirts of Swat on display in Frontline’s marvelous Children of the Taliban documentary airing tonight. I haven’t finished watching yet, but the images of the Pakistani Taliban’s brutality — eschatologically-motivated brutality at war with reason and justice and human rights — are too repugnant to avoid. If it sounds warmongerish, I don’t mean it to be, but these people are disgusting, what they’ve done and keep doing in Pakistan is disgusting and there’s no point in putting it any other way.

Update: Allow me to note as well that a teenager who survived a U.S. drone strike that killed his cousin — dogs were eating the boy’s corpse and so his family could only bury his legs — tells an interviewer, "God willing, I will join the Taliban." His best friend vows to join the Pakistani army to fight al-Qaeda. The two boys nonchalantly confide in the interviewer that they will kill each other if necessary.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman