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Why are the Tea Baggers so Angry (not enough Bran?)

Obama wants to take away our guns!

Seriously Tea Baggers the drug addict meth heads who got arrested before the Democratic Convention for wanting to shoot Obama should be allowed to keep their unregister guns?
Should Right Wing Crazies and Klansmen get to keep their guns too? After the wave of shootings of Cops, Immigrants, Regular People driven by the constant ranting about guns by Glen Beck and friends pushing the weak minded over the edge?
Well you all are making the case for a National Registry for Guns.
But we need Guns to protect us from a Government that would take away our rights!
So then using your own flawed logic why are Gay people not buying guns to protect their right to get married from Mormons?
Or are the Gays working in the system? Are you saying Gays have it easier than Straight Folk? Are you saying the Government protects Gay rights more than your own?
Bwahahaha! Try pretending to be Gay in any bar where the Charlie Daniels band is playing “Long Haired Country Boy” and see if the local Police will do anything to protect your rights.
Sheesh! Regular American 20%ers seem to have not only less faith in the System they seem to have a Greater Prosecution Complex than the Gays.
Just where were all of you 20%er Tea Baggers when Bush started listening to American’s phone calls?
Where were you when Bush started infiltrating Peace Groups?
Where were you when we found out that America had kidnapped innocent people and tortured them without trial?
The LEFT could have used your support the last 8 years! Notice that Fox News and the GOP officials speaking at your rallies are all against prosecuting Bush for the things he has done!
Notice that the GOP always increases government spending and they spend it on guns to keep people in line and spy equipment to spy on us Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2.
Carter and Clinton cut military spending! Obama well we are working on that IN THE SYSTEM!
I do not fear Democrats expanding government they use the cash to try and fix the economy, help the poor, clean up after Republicans like Obama is doing.
I admit that they do not always succeed but their heart is in the right place.

“That which you do onto the least of my brothers is that which you do onto me”


The thought of the Republicans in power again, well they make me want to buy guns. Remember those peaceful protesters at the GOP Convention who were arrested for made up stuff?
The GOP spies on our phone calls after all we can’t get the records of who they spied on even reviewed by an independent agency!
The GOP they infiltrate our Peace Groups!
The GOP stop our Peaceful protests with mass arrests! The GOP won’t let us work within the system! And yet we still try, you all have Never Tried.
I want a poll asking America just which political party do they fear will take away their rights? The GOP might find it interesting what we 70%ers think about which party we fear will take away our rights!

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