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There Must be Objective Standards to Measure the Success of the Tea Baggers

There must be objective standards to evaluate everything not just tea baggers. Objective standards must be based on whether or not they succeed in fulfilling the need they where created to fill.
What is this need? Turnout specifically Bigger Turnout the GOP needs bigger crowds than John McCain and Sarah got during the Presidential Campaign if the GOP hopes to win the next Presidential Election. They need this bigger turnout to show that the polls showing Obama’s huge approval rating are wrong and that they are Right. That they do indeed speak for a majority of Voters.
Failing that the Tea Baggers need bigger crowds than the Million Man March got in at least one city.
They need bigger crowds than the Immigrant Rights Marches got in more cities across the country. The need to show that the Silent Majority is bigger than the record breaking voter turnout Obama got from Everybody.
Ideally they hope they will get bigger crowds than Obama got in more cities and states than Obama campaigned in. (yes I know fat chance)
Ideally the Tea Baggers hope to change the Approval Polls Obama has, a sustained change for a month or more of Obama being down 5% or more in the polls or would convince me that the Tea Baggers have had an impact beyond mere statistical static.
I suspect though that the Tea Baggers will have to settle for crowds rivaling what the Peace Movement got protesting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The same crowds that Fox News mocked as a waste of time and to small to effect change.
It should be noted however that the Peace Movement never had the constant Network TV support that Fox is giving the Tea Baggers. Which makes such a comparison sad.
Because if with the support of Fox News pushing the Tea Bagger story for weeks, Fox News Commenters and GOP officials speaking on Tax Day (a very good day for a right wing protest) the Tea Baggers can only draw antiwar sized crowds, well I would call that a loss, a failure.
A win for the Tea Baggers would be if they got bigger crowds than Obama got in more states than Obama campaigned in this would show that Obama is threatened.
Heck improvement would be getting more and bigger crowds than John McCain and Sarah got.
A loss by Fox New’s own standards
because they mocked these protests would be Tea Bagger Protest numbers around the same size as the Million Man March and or smaller protests in less states than the Immigration Rights Marches (I would love to be the one to point that out to Glen Beck).
A total loss for the GOP would be Tea Bagger Protests the same size as the Peace Movement Protests.
One final note after the tea bagger protest Obama should do a town hall meeting in the State with the biggest Tea Bagger crowd. Just to rub it in as soon as possible in a football stadium.

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