Late Night: Rush Limbaugh: Al Gore is the Cause of Berlin Zoo Polar Bear Attack

That blowhard Republican clown Rush Limbaugh has really gone full blown loopy. For the last two days he’s been running a schtick that the woman who was mauled by a polar bear after jumping into the animals’ enclosure at the Berlin Zoo should sue Al Gore.

Windbag’s "logic"? Gore’s Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth made polar bears seem cute. Oh and since trial lawyers donate to the Democrats, it would be fitting.

I blame the vice president, the former vice president Al Gore for this… I just cringe when I see unnecessary stupidity…If I were this woman I would sue Al Gore…So sue Al Gore for his deceptive picture of polar bears barely surviving in his stupid peice of lying propaganda movie An Inconvenient Truth…This woman wanted to tell the polar bears don’t hate me, don’t hate us, we’re trying to protect you she probably wanted to pet or hug the thing to show it that it has a friend.

Uh, gee Rush read the news much? Reports in the and elsewhere say the woman in question, identified only as Mandy K was depressed over losing her job as a teacher. German newspaper Bild takes the story further, describing how she dropped out of college and "lost two degrees," broke up with the father of her child (their daughter was visiting her grandparents with her father at the time of Mandy’s jump), and was deeply in debt:

Mandy also lost control of other areas of her life and had problems with her studies, looking after her daughter and owed money in rent. In 2008 she had so much debt that she was threatened with a prison sentence.

She even had her electricity cut off in February and resorted to using candles for light.

A neighbour told BILD: "She used to come with me with a kettle so I could heat the water up for her."

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Late Night: Rush Limbaugh: Al Gore is the Cause of Berlin Zoo Polar Bear Attack

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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