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MC Steele, Grand Master of Irrelevancy, Strikes Again

Michael Steele, fresh from having to teabag his boss Rush Limbaugh in public and being rejected as a tea partier by his fellow Republicans — oh and this had nothing whatsoever to do with his being black, nosiree — has decided that the best way for him to assert and project his power is to turn back the clock to Remembrances of Irrelevancies Past:

Michael Steele seems to be reaching into the mothballs for an attack line against Barack Obama — he’s dredging up Obama’s gaffe from the Spring of 2008 about people in small towns being "bitter" at their economic fortunes.

Next, Steele’s going to attack Bill Clinton for saying he didn’t inhale, after which he intends to go to Arlington to JFK’s grave so he can upbraid the late president for his joke about his daddy buying the 1960 election. This is the kickoff to a summer-long RNC ad campaign that will run on the Liberty Broadcasting System and the DuMont Television Network.

(h/t to Watertiger for the name "MC Steele" and the irrelevancy concept.)

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