It’s all fun and games until they start looking at the white man

We interrupt our nonstop mocking of orally fixated conservatives to take time out for your garden variety black helicopter a-fearin’ conservatives. 

According to radio racist Roger Hedgecock (San Diego perjury conviction, represent!) the Black Muslim Brotherhood at DHS is snooping on white people with guns who may or may not shoot cops in Pittsburgh or blow up Federal buildings in Oklahoma.

Ahem…. warrantless wiretaps bitches.

Approximate causes of this projected  increase in whitey getting busy wit  da bombs and da guns include the economy, gay marriage, country can no longer afford to go overseas and kill brown people there,  losing the culture war, stone-cold bitch wives  up and leaving because Mr. I Got Big Plans can’t get a job or an erection, and, of course, dishwasher detergent. Oh, and that negro guy next door got a dog with a Mexican name. So, like, die America.

Needless to say, this profiling of pasty-white Where’s-My-Fucking-Rapture LoserAmericans has offended some who  might be mistaken for one of, you know, them. Like Mark Tapscott, for example. Mark takes up his mighty Quill of Righteousness and Freedomness and dips it in the  Blood of Patriots:

King Obama the First has issued a law enforcement warning decree providing loyal citizens with important information about new internal terrorist threats to the peace and contentment of his kingdom. The decree is being circulated now to the authorities by First Minister of Security Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Ooooo, snap, Tap-Man.

You know , it wasn’t too long ago that Tapscott was unhappy because the FBI  wasn’t looking hard enough for a grand conspiracy when Joel Hinrichs blowed himself up.

But that was pre-January 20th, 2009 thinking. Everything is different now.

(Added) New twist!:  According to Mark Hemingway, Obama is making the paranoids paranoider. Or something.

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