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Follow-Up: National Car Rental Responds To Harassment And Threats Story Of Sarah Vestal

I received an update from National Car Rental with a return call today. My call to them Saturday was the first their public relations people heard of it — which really isn’t surprising as the facility at the Little Rock, Arkansas, is a franchise.

But, spokesperson Christie Conrad added this:

We’re going to look into this; this kind of behavior is not tolerated.

It was very clear to me that National Car Rental’s national office was not pleased to hear this story at all, and the way Ms. Conrad said — and repeated multiple times — the “is not tolerated” statement in the phone call sounded like National Car Rental meant that in all capital letters, with three exclamation points to boot.

If — or really “when” — National Car Rental verifies the veracity of Sarah Vestal being harassed and threatened, It’ll be interesting to see what happens to this franchise.

But for a first response, the “is not tolerated” statement was expressed strongly, clearly, and apparently very sincerely — kudos to National Car Rental’s national office on this first response.



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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen