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Made It To Greeley

Hi folks, I made it safely to Greeley, Colorado. Safely in the hotel last night, I crashed early after the flight and drive here.

Today is going to be spent preparing for the Angie Zapata trial:

– This morning I check in at the courthouse to make sure my press credentials are all in line, and that I’ll be able to use my laptop in the courtroom to tweet on

– I’m meeting with my point of contact from the Colorado Anti-Violence Program later this morning. We’re going to go over the trial, no double, and get his help finding the affidavit of Allen Ray Andrade, the admitted killer of Angie Zapata, to review before the trial.

– Go to the bank. ProgressNow Colorado  is graciously covering expenses while I’m here in Greeley. I met my point of contact at their offices yesterday, and I need to deposit the expense check while I have time to do so today.

My point of contact there also reminded me ProgressNow Colorado was the same location where the Blogger Tent was located during the Democratic National Convention — the tent was set up in their parking lot. In fact, she and I talked over lunch at a restaurant that Pam and Radical Russ ate at together while at the convention.

– Set up the satellite card. I’m using the hotel WiFi at the moment, but I’ll need the other internet card working by tomorrow — can’t tweet without it.

– Resting. Travelling for me grows more difficult for me as I get older, so taking as much of a break as possible today.

Tomorrow the trial begins, and I’ll be in the courtroom. And at 6 PM, local time, there is going to be a vigil for Angie by the courthouse that I’ll be there to cover. Then, I’ll need to write up a piece recapping the trial happenings and the vigil when I get “home” to the hotel. Tomorrow is going to be a really, really long day, but that really is okay. Angie Zapata was just an 18-year old, very young woman — a girl in my mind — going out on a date when she was killed. Working hard to remind folks that Angie was a human being who didn’t deserve to be violently and brutally murdered will be worth the long, hard hours.

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