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Fighting Back In Alberta

People are beginning to awaken to the insanity unleashed in Alberta's budget

I spent this weekend writing letters to a variety of MLAs to protest the Alberta Government's sudden decision to cease funding GRS for transsexuals – my little piece in the fight against the government's mendacity.

Over the coming days, there will be more events to pay attention to.

(1)  April 14:  Standing committee debate of the health care budget.  – There will be a group at the legislature for Question Period that day.

(2)  April 15:  Mass submission of Human Rights Complaints in Calgary and Edmonton

My therapist is trying to engage the membership of WPATH and CPATH right now, and more is going on than I know about I suspect.

Over at Bilerico, Mercedes Allen has a wonderful column posted.  

While I have serious doubts about the willingness of the current government to listen, I am heartened that Alberta's trans population is coming together.

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