I have a nextdoor neighbor who I get along with quite well.  Her daughter and my oldest daughter are best of friends.  When we are together, we try to avoid politics and religion, but with what took place last week, the subject of religion did come up.  She is quite religious and she knows my opinion.  We met about 9 months ago and she was against Marriage Equality but after several discussions she has had a change of heart. She was believing all the garbage that gets spewed from the religious right.

Continued after the fold,  Now she does go to church on most Sundays and she admitted that the amount of people who attend church has been dropping.  Here is an article noting the same,

In fact, the poll reveals that the number of people claiming to be Christian has declined by 10 points since 1990, from 86 to 76 percent. Additionally, those who identify themselves as atheists or agnostics increased nearly four times, from 1 million to about 3.6 million.

Most startling is the number of people who believe that religion can answer all of most of today’s problems. That number has not been below 58 percent in 20 years. Today it is 48 percent.

Our discussion led to the NOM ad and out came the laptop.  We watched the Hardball clip that I posted in another post.  And then we watched this video that thoroughly debunks NOM’s lies,

She sat there stunned as this gentleman did a wonderful job taking the lies to task. ‘People don’t expect lies like that to come from Christians’, she said.  ‘They are giving religion a bad name for bearing false witness.’  

As many people believe, with the economy down and people losing their jobs left and right church attendance generally rises.

Many in the media suggest a link between church attendance and the down economy, but a very large poll conducted by The Christian Post which included over 300,000 studies, suggests this is not the case.

So something must be happening across the United States to cause attendance to drop.  I believe it is the lies the so-called Christians are spewing to deny the LGBT their civil rights.  And my neighbor agrees.  I was once a Christian and it wasn’t very long ago.  I still have a gold cross necklace that I once wore proudly.  My neighbor now understands why I am so opposed to religion today and she can’t blame me.  She has invited me to join her, but I politely declined.  I suggested for her to get her church to speak out against the Mega-Churches and the Mega-Liars and I might consider it.

Churches and religion once had a good name in most communities.  Being there to help feed the hungry. Being there to help supply shelter for the homeless.  Being there to offer clothing to families down on their luck. (like a recent job loss) Basically, being there to help other people in need.  But as long as religion and the church want to wear the label of being Bigots, Homophobes and Liars, I will stay away.

But I think I will write a few of the local churches to let them know how the mega-churches and mega-liars are giving them a reputation of bearing false witness.




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