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Poor Mass Resistance cannot catch a break. The latest issue to bring them to meltdown:

Newly elected Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour has wasted no time making it clear where she wants the party to go. Last week, in a front-page interview with the hardcore homosexual newspaper Bay Windows, she told the homosexual community that they didn't need to worry about the Republican party opposing them on “social issues” or “the culture wars.”

I don't really know what is hardcore nor if the adjective applies to a sexual orientation or the newspaper.

More below the fold.

Quoting from the original article in Bay Windows:


Nassour said the state party would steer clear of social issues under her leadership, and would support candidates for office regardless of what side they take in the culture wars.


Then they note:


This is essentially the same thing Nassour told MassResistance at a recent political event.


camenkerShe told Mass Resistance? 

I thought that MR was down to just one crazy wingnut — Brian Camenker.

The article concludes with the usual appeal for people to send out a bunch of emails that will, undoubtedly, be routed to the digital spike at /dev/null.

You can read the rest of the drivel here.




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