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Chas Freeman on Israel Lobby? Or is it the Lieberman Lobby?

Our so called liberal media programs Countdown and Rachel Maddow have yet to interview or touch the Charles Freeman withdrawal on their programs. Hell Diane Rehm did not have Charles Freeman on to discuss this critical issue that was discussed in the blogosphere for close to three weeks.
Important interview with Charles Freeman.

"Don’t know the Chas Freeman story or why it matters? You can start with Muzzlewatch editor Cecilie Surasky’s op-ed in yesterday’s Oakland Tribune. Chas Freeman is now doing lots of no holds-barred interviews on his battle with “the Israel Lobby.” Watch his extensive Al Jazeera video interview above, or read his interview with the terrific Larry Cohler-Esses at the Forward. But Freeman also did not mince words about his view of American and Israeli interests. They are, he said, “divergent.” “It’s a foreign country, and while maybe 40 years ago many of its values were convergent with ours, I think there’s been a divergence of values,” Freeman told the Forward in a phone interview. He argued that this trend is embodied most clearly in the rise of controversial right-wing Israeli politician Avigdor Lieberman. “I think the values in Israel are deeply disturbing now to many in the Jewish community, as well,” he said.He does, however, moderate some of his earlier accusations that his job nomination was torpedoed by the entire “the Israel Lobby”

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